Stories of Change

Building a Vision and Articulating Core Values

Where?  A mid-size Indian engineering group of companies.

Why ?

A new generation of leaders at the top wanted to re-vitalize the spirit of the organization by setting an aspirational business goal and articulating its core values.

How ?

The top brass of group, which includes senior leaders from each business and group wide functional leaders met each week for 4-5 hours over 5 weeks for a facilitated discussion on what organizational direction would they derive the most pride from.

Each spoke about their individual professional journey’s, and future moments of pride. The owner/ MD spoke about what accomplishments would provide him with joy. A direction was co-created based on aspirational and inspiring vision. This vision would need to be worked on with a detailed back-end strategy.

The senior team now needed to reflect on the values that would govern this journey. They selected values which were aspirational and marked a new direction for the organization.

This was followed by an internal communication campaign that included newsletters, leadership communication and values workshops that covered a large part of the organization.