Change Today

The Change Cycle

Most change efforts fail because business leaders underestimate the challenge of change. We can partner with you to help turn those odds in your favor.

We can partner with you through all or part of your change process, through interventions designed to help you succeed. Each change is different, and our interventions will be tailored to your needs.

Preparedness for change

Is the leadership team aligned, committed and prepared for leading change?

Vision articulation Business leader preparedness Top team alignment Change team composition Change team preparedness Stakeholder on boarding Change strategy

Well begun is half done and nowhere is this as true as it is while leading change. Planning for change requires a clear understanding of what the change will look like and how the process of change will unfold. It also requires the setting aside of resources—whether that be time, people or budgets.

We can work with you through a series of interventions to make sure you are well set for leading change. Several of these interventions involve provoking thought and articulation around aspects of leading change that we know will be critical to your success. .

Developing your change vision

A great starting point, this workshop facilitates the development of a leadership vision for change.This is doubly useful because one the one hand it gives depth to the change process and on the other it develops strong alignment within the leadership team.

Business Leader Preparedness

Most business leaders have reached these positions of leadership because of their expertise in a function, or in business. Leading change however requires a different expertise. We provide our advisory services as you evaluate different strategies for change.

Change Team Preparedness

Many change efforts will need a team specifically working to create the change you desire. We can help you the change team craft a strategy that will work. Often implemented in a workshop format, we will share best practices and prepare your team to lead from the front.

Stakeholder Commitment

One of the most critical steps in enabling your change process to succeed is your ability to build commitment from all concerned stakeholders. We can help you understand stakeholder voice and work with it in your change process.

Introducing the change

Building enthusiasm for the change, starting a movement

Change communication Cascading change Leadership coaching for change Building enthusiasm Allaying Fears New behavior introduction Remove obstacles Grassroots participation

A critical objective of introducing change is to build enthusiasm for change. This is not as simple as it may appear at first. Any change brings with it several anxieties, whether it be around what the future holds, or the process of change itself. People within your organization will question your intentions, and your capabilities. The successful introduction of change needs working with the organization’s culture and history to understand what these anxieties are and working with preparedness and sensitivity.

Most organizations rely on the traditional vertical hierarchies to cascade change. However, as anyone who had participated in change will tell you—this is quite insufficient. Cascading change well requires more than a transmission of a communication script. It requires an active contribution by the different organizational levels in ensuring success. By partnering with us you can ensure we work with you to carefully design each step of the process

Communicating the change

Estimates suggest that business leaders consistently underestimate how critical the communication of change is. We help you develop communication that works

Introducing new behavior

Most change requires new behaviors to be introduced. To do this successfully requires an understanding of behavior in organizations. We can help you design processes for this.

Cascading the change

The effective cascade of change requires different and yet aligned responsibilities for change. We partner with you through mini- workshops that enable your change to cascade

Grassroots participation

How will you build enthusiasm for change at the grassroots? We can help you design and lead initiatives enabling grassroots participation.

Amplifying the change

Growing new behaviors, amplifying the change, removing obstacles work with resistance

Growing new behaviors Change pilots Success stories Nurture early change Continue System level change Collect Feedback Milestones, metrics & celebrations

Once your change effort has taken root and shown success, this is the time to amplify the change. Sometimes this may mean spreading this for a wider reach, while at other times it may mean building greater depth to the early success. It becomes very important to deliberately examine potential obstacles, and remove them. In any complex system like an organization this impacts

both the psychology of change and the support it receives from other organizational systems. You may also begin to experience resistance to change. This is understandable and will need to be worked with. We can partner with you through this stage to make sure you are able to successfully widen the reach and deepen the impact of change.

Amplifying the change

Successful change requires early successes to be amplified. We help you carefully scale up initial change and its communication

Resistance to Change

How will you understand and work with resistance to change so that your project succeeds. We help you understand the many very expected sources of resistance, and work with them in a sensitive manner that builds long-term success.

Remove obstacles

An organization is a complex system with each pattern of behavior sustained by structures, systems and cultural beliefs. As you broaden the reach and impact of change, we can work with you to help Identify and work to remove obstacles that support old behavior.

Measuring Change

By this stage, it should be possible for you to measure the extent and impact of change. To be able to correctly design metrics however requires a good understanding of the many stages of behavior change, and measure the ones appropriate to the context. Here we can help.

Consolidating the change

Will the change stick? Does it have the support of culture and systems?

Consolidate change Transition of change team Rewards and recognition Move to business as usual Continue System level change Roadmap for future change

Now that you have successfully introduced change, will your change stick? How will you ensure that all your effort is put to good use and the changes you have introduced will not vanish once your attention and focus shifts? This is where we come in. It is vital now for the change leadership to move from the change team to the operational team.

How do you make sure that this transition happens smoothly? Are there enough systems in place? Or technology to make the change stick? Has the culture shifted to accept this as the new normal? These are the questions we can work with you to find answers to.

Systems support for the change

An organization is a complex system, and systems thinking helps us partner with you to examine the strength of support the change enjoys within your organization.

Consolidating the change

Consolidating the change involves moving from change as an initiative to change as the new normal. We can partner with you to transition the change leadership as would be most appropriate in your case.

Rewards recognition & learning

Rewards, recognition and learning are important closure events for a change initiative. We can help with the design of these and the capturing of learning in the form of case studies for internal or external use.

Future road

It is one of the realities of organizational life that in order to sustain a change you have to keep moving ahead. Here we can partner with you to develop a future road map that keeps your organization moving along the direction you have chosen.