Infinity OD is about change strategy reimagined.
We are your partner for leading organizational change today and preparing for organizational change tomorrow.

Change Today

If you want to implement change today, we can help. We can partner with you through some or all stages of the change lifecycle to ensure your change sticks. Our initiatives are carefully designed to focus attention and build engagement today. Our change technology applied to your vision builds success.

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Change Tomorrow

Future technology is all set to transform the way business is done and organizations are built over the next decade. How will you prepare? We have partnered with leading B schools to bring you cutting edge ideas to prepare for and adapt to the new digital revolution

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Why Us

Our change technology draws upon cutting edge academic insights and practical management wisdom. Our interventions are rooted in Organizational Development (OD) values.

And we are future focused. We will be able to partner with you to prepare your organization not just for the environment you see today, but also the environment of tomorrow.

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Table Talk

Table Talk


May 2, 2017

Why Change Consulting Matters?

Most business leaders today will agree that being able to successfully lead change is one of the most important challenges facing them. After all—change after change, […]
May 2, 2017

Whose resistance is it anyway?

There are perhaps few terms in management science so universally recognized as the term “resistance to change”.   Its popular usage refers to the idea that […]
May 2, 2017

Panarchy and the Infinite Cycles of Change

Panarchy and the Infinite Cycles of Change If you have ever wondered why your organization seems to be in continuous flux you are not alone. In […]